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Rare Photographs of "Little Edie" Edith Bouvier Beale
by Photographer Frank Battaglia

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Island Breeze Arts Presents:
Tears For Hawaii is Now Available!

Tears For Hawaii - A DVD Documentary

The Beauty. The Controversy. The Untold Truth.

     Tears For Hawaii is a DVD documentary that examines the other side of the pretty postcard that is Hawaii! This documentary is about the island of Hawaii, it's about living on the island of Hawaii... and the untold truth of life beyond what the vacationing tourist and many island residents hear or see. Tears for Hawaii examines the concerns the residents of the Big Island have for Hawaii’s unknown future. Featuring thoughts and monologues by current Mayor Harry Kim and Uncle Sam Kaleleiki of the Reinstated Lawful Hawaiian Government! Also featuring the slack key guitar of John Keawe!

     In this documentary, Videographer Frank Battaglia shares his thoughts and experience on living on the island of Hawaii. A self-proclaimed exile from Seattle, Washington, Frank has made his home on the Island of Hawaii since 2004. Thought provoking, and at times controversial, this documentary raises many points for concern. Concerns that raise the question...

“How Long Will Paradise Remain Paradise?”

Anyone planning to retire, move to, build in or vacation in Hawaii.

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Hawaii Photo Greeting Cards
by Hawaii Photographer Anthony Valadon