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Frequently Asked Questions

When planning an event, it can be overwhelming finding the right entertainment. Some of the most common questions about our services are listed here. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

1. What can customers know about Island Breeze Face and Body Art?

Providing exceptional entertainment for an event isn't easy! We are a professional team of artists and entertainers that take pride in the services we offer. Smiles are our specialty for all of our clients! We love what we do and love to bring smiles to children and adults alike! We attend classes, workshops, conventions, and seminars to further our education on new products and technique skills.

2. What do I need to know before booking?

A non-refundable booking fee is required to secure the date and time for your party/ event. Because we book a few weeks/ months in advance, please book as soon as you know your event date. Last minute bookings (5 days or less) require an additional fee to get special arrangements to accommodate your event.

3. Do you travel outside of your area?

For areas more than 20 miles away from Pulaski County MO, an additional travel fee and a 2 hour minimum is required.

4. What is your booking process?

All Clients need to complete this Booking Form,  once completed please allow 48 hours for contract to be submitted after speaking with Event specialist to confirm availability. Once service contract is sent, both your service contract and non-refundable retainer and/ or booking fee must be submitted to confirm your event on our event schedule.  EVENTS ARE NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL BOTH APPROVE CONTRACT AND BOOKING FEE ARE RECIEVED!

5. Do you have a booking minimum?

Yes, a minimum of 1 hour must booked for any party/ event expecting 15 or less, a 2 hour minimum is required to book if there is an Add-on service, and a 2 hour minimum is required to book if travel is  for more than 20 miles outside of Pulaski County MO.

6. What form of payment do you accept?

Accept Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, all major credit cards, cashiers checks and corporate checks ( we do not accept personal checks)

7. What is you cancellation policy?

If your party/event is cancelled at anytime due to weather, or natural disaster, or other reason; Island Breeze Face & Body Art will retain the non-refundable booking fee. If cancellation is found to be for an acceptable reason, which is determined by the event specialist, said fee may be applied to a future booking, one time only within that calendar year ( depending on availability) . Unacceptable reasons include but are not limited to:

  •  Weather

  •  Finances

  • Low Attendance

  •  Simply changing their mind, etc.

 All Outdoor events should be prepared in case of weather conditions prohibit outdoor activity. You will not be refunded your retainer and Face Painting can not take place in the rain or heavy winds.      

Please see our Company Policies page for more details.

8. Do you have insurance?

Yes! Our Insurance is provided below!

9. Do you work oh Holidays?

Yes, we do work Holiday's ( Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Labor day, Memorial day, New Years Eve before 8 pm, St. Patrick's day, Halloween) Please note a holiday premium of an additional $75 per hr will apply.

10. Can you  accommodate large scale events?

Island Breeze Face and Body Art has a growing team, and we can handle any size event you need with proper notice of event and date.

11. What does the artist need to set up?

Artist will arrive approximately 15-30 mins prior to service schedule time. If the event is outside, artist will need a 6ftx6ft space minimum to set up, in a will lit area, or shaded ( direct sunlight will compromise the makeups). A table and 2 chairs are needed for setup. We prefer for client to provide the necessary amount of tables and chairs, if not we will be prepared to do so.

12. What kinds of paint do you use and are they safe?

We use professional grade FDA approved and hypoallergenic face/body products for professional use that are safe for children and adults. The glitters used are cosmetic grade and adhesives used are professional theatrical makeup products. Safety is of the upmost importance for our customers experience.

13. Do you clean and sanitize your products?

Yes! Because face paint has antibacterial and hypoallergenic ingredients, it can be used on many clients. Our paints, brushes, sponges and supplies are thoroughly washed, sanitized and wiped down during and after every event. Strict hygiene practices are implemented to ensure a safe and enjoyable painting experience for you and your guests, before and after COVID-19. Our artists will also be masked if you prefer. Please let us know if you have any special accommodations that we can help with.

14. How many kids can you paint in 1 hour?

Depending on the complexity of the design, we can paint 10-15 designs per hr. For school fairs and large corporate events, the number of designs can be limited to 2 min per person or less with advanced preparation and consultation with the client.

15. How many balloons can be twisted in 1 hour?

15-18 depending on the deigns offered (if combined with face painting simpler designs are always offered and the ration of children serviced is half)

16. How old do you have to be to get face painted?

Face paints are recommended for use on children aged two and over. Children under age two's skin may be too sensitive.

Please see our Company Policies for more info.​

17. How long do glitter tattoos last?

Glitter tattoos last between 3 to 7 days or longer depending on your skin type and aftercare. They last the longest when they are free of alcohol, oils and lotions. When bathing, don't scrub the tattoo but wash around the area and pat dry. To remove it, soak in rubbing alcohol, baby oil, or lotion for a few minutes, then scrub away design.

18. May I request a custom design or specific theme?

We are more than happy to accommodate any design, theme, or ideas you may have for your event. Please inform us in advance and provide us with samples of the designs you want. Menus can be made for kids to choose the designs from. 

(Company Logos can also be added to design selction for some services. Please ask if this is possible for your booking)

19. How do I remove face/body paint and glitter tattoos?

  • Face paints are removed with regular soap and water (or a baby wipe).  If skin is dry, use a bit of baby or olive oil. Water resistant paints are removed with soap first, let sit for a few min and wash off. You can also use baby oil. 

  • Glitter tattoos, including temporary/metallic tattoos are easily removed with baby oil or lotions.

20. How do I remove airbrush tattoos?

These tattoos are removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

21. Can I pick up my balloon décor' to save on the delivery pick fee?

We pride ourselves on delivering your balloon design just as you ordered them. Sometimes in transports balloons pop or become rearranged. You hired Island Breeze Face and Body Art to take the stress out of event planning. We will personally deliver setup and return to dis-assemble and pick up equipment. Also, some design are too large to pre-assembled, and are assembled on site.

22. Do you volunteer your service for Non-Profit Organizations?

We have worked with several Non-profit organizations. We are unable to provide our services for free, but we encourage our non-profit clients to work with corporate and/ or other sponsors to cover the cost of our professional services.

If you have more questions that you'd like to ask, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer them.

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