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Custom BalloonGrams

Custom BalloonGrams

BalloonGrams are perfectly unique and sweet gifts for friends, family, coworkers, loved ones or anyone special.  Each with a hand twisted balloon character atop a candy filled cup. Candy my vary.  


Balloons remain in good condition 7-14 days with little to no sign of deflation if kept in cool temperatures, not in direct sunlight or heat. In cool or colder temperatures such as an office, balloons may last longer.

  • Customizable

    Customize your BalloonGram to fit the occation or event.  Whether it may be take-home party favors for your guests or a heartwarming unique gift, everyone loves balloons and sweets. Available in 3 sizes.


    No refunds on BalloonGrams. This item is made to order.


    • Balloons are considered MAJOR choking hazards for children 3 years and under. Actively supervision young children with balloons at all times and never leave them unattended. 


    • Balloon lights are considered a MAJOR choking hazard and are dangerous or FATAL if swallowed unknowingly. Balloon lights are not recommended for children 3 years and under. Actively supervise young children of ALL ages with balloon containing balloonlights. I balloon deflates or pops, dispose of both the balloon and balloon light to prevent possibly being swallowed. If you have suspected that a child has swallowed a balloon light, Dial 911 immediately as the button battery in balloon lights poses a threats of burns and bruising to internal organs that can become FATAL if left untreated.
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